$220 includes

Personal shopper

all ORGANIC ingredients + LOCALLY sourced whenever possible

At home personal chef

8-12 organic, well rounded main course meals

4 organic, healthy and protein packed snack bins

3-4 hours of cook time in your kitchen

  • Menu items may change 2-3 times a month in order to keep things fresh and to offer a variety of different meals as seasons change and inspiration takes place.
  • Take a look now at the current menu.

In addition to the current menu I will prepare and assemble 4 protein and vitamin packed snack bins. (including for example: a variety of cheeses, nuts, vegetable crudités, homemade hummus and crackers.)

  • I will bring some of my own kitchen equipment to better facilitate the cooking process. Including but not limited to – a rice cooker, an Instant Pot pressure cooker, a couple of chef’s knives, organic herbs, spices and baking trays. We can discuss using kitchen appliances that you already have if necessary or desired on a case by case basis.

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN and GLUTEN FREE options are available just let me know what your needs are.

I do the shopping! Personally.

  • ALL ORGANIC and LOCAL ingredients are my top priority

I portion, store and label foods for fridge and/or freezer.

  • It’s helpful if you can provide your own glass or plastic food storage containers for this. Pyrex sells a great set of  6 cup rectangular glass food storage containers that you can purchase in most grocery stores, kitchen ware stores or online HERE
  • and HERE


$200.00 includes everything you just read about as well as covers the cost of groceries.

**Additional payment may be requested in the case of special dietary requests or specific needs, all of which I am happy to discuss on a case by case basis.