I’m a full time momma living in East Nashville, TN for the last 6 years. I’m a food lover, self proclaimed “at home” chef, newbie food photographer and blogger who loves cooking for and gathering with friends and family, exploring the world with my kids, a good cup of coffee with my man, snuggling, yoga, hiking and traveling.

.  During the postpartum recovery of my first son in January 2014 I had a beautifully supportive and overwhelmingly gracious support team that hardly left my side. Making sure I had water, organic snacks and healthy and well rounded meals 24-7 was an extremely beneficial way for me to gain back my strength, have the time and energy to focus on learning to breastfeed and begin the incredible journey into motherhood. With a great appreciation and overflowing heart toward these people in my life for providing me such convenience and ease I decided I wanted to find a way to offer a similar kind of support to new mommas and busy families in my community so I began “Ladder&Dolly” as my personal chef business about a year ago in hopes of doing just that.

I spend a lot of time trying new recipes and coming up with my own so now I’m adding this blog as a creative space for me to daily write about and share images of life, love and the pursuit of happiness as I experience it through food, family and friends.



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