Creamy Butternut Farro Risotto 

roasted butternut squash + dark leafy greens + saffron + farro + roasted almonds

If you don’t have a rice cooker… oh my god, get one. I’m a momma of two young boys. My husband takes his lunch to work almost everyday… nobody’s perfect (thank god) and that’s a LOT of food making it’s way out of my kitchen these days.

My rice cooker has a Risotto setting on it that I will say I was dubious about because, “Can you really achieve the creamy, lucious texture of Risotto without standing over the simmer pot for an hour?” And, “do I even really care?” I mean I have a machine making my rice perfect for me already… do I dare ask it to take things to the next level only to be potentially disappointed in the results??

Yes. The answer is yes. I do care and yes, take things to the next level. Always ask the question, “What more can I squeeze out of this already wonderful experience I am having?”

You never know till you try…

That said, my man and I both have successfully found the fun this year in aspiring to cook every meal, including his lunches for work, at home! I am learning to produce some really tasty meals for my family with little prep, little clean up and lots of satisfaction – cue the Hallelujia Chorus!

Lemme know if you’re interested in the recipe. I can do my best to come up with some guidelines that I used to create this dish…


Laura Beth


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