We spent the Christmas holiday in Denver, Colorado with family – about an 18 hour drive from here in Goodlettsville, TN. 

Both boys were absolutely incredible travelers. I mean seriously, freakishly good. Games, music, talks and naps. Repeat. I’m still impressed with us. All of us! 

Sugar cookie making is tradition on Adam’s side. Everett cutting out dough and seriously jamming it up with aunties and uncles. “I love cookies!” and in case we misunderstood him… “I love to eat cookies!!”

Model trains galore with Grandpa Thede. Everett was so in his element with this! 

After a fun filled and exhausting seven days in Denver (teething 9 month old in the altitude makes for lots of interrupted sleep) we got back in the car for another epic road trip this time to Arkansas where we spent a quick couple of days catching up with some dear friends and extended family. 

My Adam, pulling the wagon full of tots. 


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