Easy Easy Easy Biscuits 

Three ingredients.

Flour. Coconut Oil. Milk.

Can’t get any simpler than that!

I found this recipe on Pinterest from Gimme Some Oven a couple years ago and I love it! Not only does it fulfill my inner most southern girl biscuit cravings in a hurry, it has also proved to be a fun one to use for toddler moments of learning, fun and experimentation in our kitchen.
First of all, he adores doing this kind of thing and is therefore really focused and excited to do anything and everything I introduce for him to help with. Then, he watches me do it once and he enthusiastically says “that’s my job!” and takes over moving slowly and with adorable 2 year old calculated precision.

Well, yes!! Of course I’m in heaven. It’s so much fun to share something I love like baking and cooking with a little someone that I love like Everett.

I decided to make my own self-rising flour as she suggests and just usually keep about 3-4 cups of it on hand in an airtight glass jar.

I’ve just attached a direct link to the recipe below because well, I did literally nothing original or different to make these. They only take about 20 mins top to bottom unless you’re mixing up your own self-rising flour in which case maybe give yourself an extra 2-5 minutes. Enjoy!!

Gimme Some Oven – 3 Ingredient Coconut Oil Biscuits





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