Mornings in Goodlettseville, TN

Always start with coffee…After I’ve had a small cup in a meditative-quiet-almost-solitude segment of my day that I carve out for myself more regularly lately, I (or Adam) get Everett up and dressed and move on to a couple of our more substantial breakfast go tos. 

“Eggies and Toast” 

This particular morning I had a perfectly ripe avocado waiting for me and this is absolutely one of my favorite ways to have an avacado. On toast. Topped simply with chia, hemp and flax seeds as I did here or you could dress it up even more with a thick sliced tomato, flaky sea salt and a handful of fresh sprouts or arugula. 

Possibilities for topping are endless of course.

I love mornings with my family more and more these days. I like the way it feels to imagine my littles growing up remembering the smells of coffee floating into their bedrooms as they wake and the sounds of us in the kitchen preparing breakfast and talking softly before rousing them again to come and join us. I hope they wake each day feeling and knowing in their hearts the calm and the ease that accompanies early morning sunrises.


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