Fresh Pressed Orange Juice

If you read back a couple of posts you’ll notice that I have already written about another moment in my life (although not recently) when squeezing the bright citrusy nectar out of oranges produces something more than just a delightful jar full of fresh juice. 

It’s an opportunity to slow down. 

It’s the smell of fresh citrus being sprayed into the air and making my whole house light up with new energy. 

It’s savoring an opportunity to create and explore new sensations and flavors.  To listen and taking advantage of a sweet moment with my two and a half year old who wondered, “what’s that momma?” 

A study for the senses. 

An exercise for the heart. 

An appreciation for all that is…

Fresh Pressed Orange Juice 

I used a Hamilton Beach hand press juicer here but you could of course use any type of manual juicer for this kind of an experience. You could also use an electric juicer if you’re short on time. 

In order to get a full 2 quarts, I diluted my juice with filtered water. I like to stretch it a bit further as well as cut the acidity just a bit. You could also stain the pulp out before storing if you like but I like pulp so I skipped that step.

8-10 Organic Oranges 

Slice the oranges in half. 

Press each half, one at a time until all the juice has been released.

Repeat until you’ve juiced all the orange halves. 

Strain if you like no pulp in your juice or just transfer fresh juice into a clean jar and store in the refrigerator for a delightful pick me up and boost of vitamin C whenever the mood strikes. 


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