Simply Squeeze 

It was a super slow and sleepy morning here in my house. Lots of prolonged morning snuggles hugs and cuddles. Kids or no kids who doesn’t love a morning like this? You’ll hear absolutely no complaints from this momma! I literally squeezed every little ounce out of it that I could. 

To accompany the mood of our morning I decided to do a little something special. Oh so simple but none the less special. 

I’ve been moving this bag of organic oranges around in my fridge for a week now and saying to myself, “a glass of fresh squeezed juice would be so divine”. Instead of moving it one more time this morning it seemed an appropriate moment to squeeze the life out of those little round citrus delights so I did just that. 

I was gifted a really wonderful hand juicer (Hamilton Beach) a few years ago and I absolutely love it for moments like this. No wasted juice and hardly any mess. 

Just slice your citrus in half. Twirl the handle down and press. Wha- la! 



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